The Humble Beginnings of Bauerai Farm

Founded in 1891, Bauerai Haus has become the largest functioning farm in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our family wants to connect people to rural living and educate your family on how their food gets to the dinner table. Bauerai Haus has combined its classic roots in Pennsylvania Dutch with the most modern accommodations of a five star bed and breakfast. Bring your family to learn about how a farm works and have an educational experience while also having a fun and luxurious vacation.


At Bauerai Farm, Family is the most important thing. When you stay with us you become a part of our family. This business has been run by almost four of our Bauerai generations. We have adapted the old Pennsylvania Dutch ways of farming with new beneficial modern farming concepts to create a new way of life on the farm. Education is key and we make sure your family gets the knowledge they need to understand how important healthy farming techniques are to create the food they eat every day. We hope to inspire your children to want to learn more, which is why we also hold summer internships and camp programs. Contact us to learn more about these amazing programs.  



703 Spring Hollow Drive
Bethel, Penna